The beauty of sugarcane is that it is adaptable. As you can see from over time (mainly due to applying for A1 retail shops that were available ), the brand has evolved and become versatile. This meant I became more creative with my Caribbean recipes but most importantly I realised sugarcane can be anywhere.

... Of course the dream is for sugarcane to be a restaurant, but it could also be a cafe, a takeaway or even an online brand. So you are investing into something that can benefit everyone! 

However we evolve, the long term goal is to have 3 brands, starting with sugarcane. 

So be part of the story, be part of sugarcane.

Sugarcane, London's Finest caribbean delivery and takeaway

For A3 & A5 establishments

Watermelon, London's Finest caribbean restaurant

For A3 & A5 establishments

Blue Mountain, London's Finest desserts, Milkshakes and breakfasts 

For A1 & A3 establishments

Pineapple, London's Finest Ethical clothing and accessories 

An e-commerce development


north street pack

!!!Menu Drafts!!!

bM tea menu17
bM tea menu final
Menu front
blue mountain inside
old sugarcane menu back
old sugarcane menu 1
watermellon menu
watermellon inside menu

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