Sugarcane's STORY

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Sugarcane London went from conception to launch in just a few short weeks. Founder  Chef Tee had a dream of opening a restaurant, and when he one day spotted a vacant storefront on Wandsworth Road, he knew it was his opportunity to create a Caribbean restaurant for the locals.

A newcomer to Wandsworth Road, ‘Sugarcane London’ can be spotted by its bright, hand-painted signs, which welcome passers-by into the friendly Caribbean restaurant inside.

A lickle piece
of the Caribbean

Sugarcane London serves up some of the best Caribbean food that you can find in south London. The Wandsworth-based restaurant boasts an authentic menu fit for all including vegans, as well as delicious alcohol soaked desserts to fill your belly.

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Contributing to
the community

Sugarcane's contribution to the community stands out as much as its dishes.


Inspired by his own upbringing in care, Chef Tee has committed to hiring care leavers as employees at his restaurant.


After spending his teen years in care, Tee managed to secure his first job (aged 17) in a small café - based in Balham. Here he learnt everything he needed and now he is in a position to give other young people a foot on the hospitality ladder.


 "I knew what the one restaurant did for me, so I want those joining here to have a similar chance. even if it is one shift a week. I want them to progress." 


...With me they can get food and hygiene qualifications, experience in customer service, CV practice, even just a good reference..."