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My Story

Many years ago,  I decided to open my own pop up brand!! After working for years in restaurants (including 3 Michelin Starred ones) in central London. I had been a waiter, I had been a chef, I had even looked after the books. So it really had only seemed natural. And that’s how Sugarcane, London’s finest Caribbean brand was born. “A company that turned an 8k investment into 124k in four months.”


For years I had dreamed of owning my own restaurant…. Not just a generic “burger or pizza one,” but a CARIBBEAN one. How many Caribbean restaurants are there in London I thought!!! And good ones that rely on good high quality food, and not just their drinks!!! But I had to be humble and start somewhere…


So that’s what I did…. Within two weeks, I quit my job, began to cook from home and trialed my ideas. But how could I make it better? It wasn’t just about the food I realised, it was about the story and helping others. "Particularly as I grew up in care." I realised I had to help others like myself. So I decided to better my brand by: 

  • Thanking my customers for every order

  • ONLY using local suppliers;

  • ONLY using bio degradable packaging

  • and Guaranteeing work for "care leavers"

"Not much has changed!!!"


It was a success!!! Week after week Sugarcane grew and it stayed in profit, until we were was forced to close. Determined not to give up, I continued private catering and even stumbled upon an investor. And together over 2 years we found 3 potential shops with no premium. "Determined not to give up" I even re-modelled the idea to fit the locations, but bitterly each time, we just failed to secure a lease - due to being outbid by an established chain company.


So being the creative entrepreneur I am. I thought I would try my luck once more. I can't sleep knowing I haven't given this my all. Determination is the key! I have all the ideas, all the creativity and the drive to make it happen. But I need the capital, the skill set, the investment of "my community" to make it happen... 


“And so that’s why I’m writing to you now. For 12 months I am in a pop up shop and 

I'm using every creative skill I know. To pitch my idea to you, so you will invest into Sugarcane - London’s Finest Caribbean Brand. There is an idea, a business plan, a BYOB pop up shop, recipes for you to cook at home... but most importantly a story.

So together, let's make this happen!!! 

Tropical blessings 

Chef Teé


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